I simply hate BREXIT, that’s all. “Nasties”.

I’m just a “leave” voter, but I am trying to understand the mess of it all.

Despite Theresa May’s attempts in 2002 to persuade the Conservatives that they must no longer be seen as “the nasty party”, 
…they remain so. Which is no surprise given her form over Windrush, and the presence of some extreme nasties in the party. In the 80s, they supported Clause 28 and the Poll Tax. These days, they want a suicide Brexit. And we shouldn’t be in any way distracted from the fact “no deal” is what they actually want, rather than something that we might just have to live with, because ultra-nastiness is at the core of the argument, beyond stuff about trade deals and backstops. That “sovereignty” stuff, is about ultra nationalism, and the need for British supremacy. 

A consistent link from the 80s to today, and a presence on the European Reform Group (ERG), is Sir Gerald Howarth. Someone like Jacob Rees-Mogg cannot succeed or sustain his position without hardliners to back him up, and Sir Gerald Howarth is a veteran nasty. Clause 28 and the poll tax aside, the death penalty and opposition to gay marriage has always been on his checklist, and now his manifesto on the ERG website confirms what we know. It’s about remembering the Empire.

Suicide Brexit is a plan – a price worth paying, rather than an accident waiting to happen. As December 11th approaches, it is looking nastier every day. 


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