I simply hate BREXIT, that’s all. “Suicide”.

I am just a voter. I do not get the machinations of international political wrangling or cross-border, economic deal making. But I know I simply hate Brexit.

Words and language are crucial in a debate, especially when it gets heated, especially when it stays heated and goes on for two and a half years, and even more especially when it is likely to never end. It’s important to choose your words carefully, so I have decided to replace the term “hard” in the phrase “Hard Brexit”, with one that better illustrates what Brexit without a deal means and holds up a mirror to the supremacist British Ultras who want it. I like the word “Ultras” as it refers to fascist football fans, but the focus today is on another, more accurate everyday term that we need to use all the time.

The definition is accurate enough, even more so if you use definition 1.2. So, from now on, if I am in a discussion about this, I will always use the term “Suicide Brexit” and never use the expression “hard Brexit”, which I think flatters the UK Ultras batting for supremacy. If anyone gets on the radio or Question Time, I’d like to think they’d ask members of the European Reform Group (ERG) why they want a Suicide Brexit? After all, Japanese car makers in the UK are very twitchy about it, as is the Japanese ambassador:
…and so is the Governor of the Bank of England, whose research is hardly flippant, or shallow “…the Bank’s analysis is “well grounded” and constructed by a core team of 20 economists who have been working on the analysis for two years”.


At the very least, the business and financial communities know that the UK will not be ready at the simple logistical level, which is why they are predicting price rises and possible shortages. But the ultras are OK with this, because in pursuit of supremacy and sovereignty, they think it is pain worth suffering. This is why they dismiss such predictions as “Project Fear” and are fine with a Suicide Brexit. So let’s call it that.


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