I simply hate BREXIT, that’s all. An intro.

“Division into two sharply contrasting groups or sets of opinions or beliefs”. The OED is completely unambiguous about this…
…and on the conspicuous matter of Brexit, ambiguity is really now redundant. I didn’t want to leave, and nor have I heard anything that convinces me that I was wrong. The force of emotional feeling about Brexit has maybe taken some people by surprise, but I never even wanted the choice to leave the EU, because leaving was never about economics or immigration only, it was about exceptionalism and supremacy. Regrettably, the British have decided by a small margin, that being out of the club and feeling pleased about it is better at any price, than being in it and being highly influential.

I simply hate Brexit, and every argument in its favour, reinforces that. There are so many shoddy and wayward viewpoints before we even talk about tortuous political discussions and the likelihood, or otherwise of the Prime Minister’s continuation in her job, that now, with four months of EU membership left, it is time to properly tune in to our emotions. Everyone else has – especially the Brexiteers (since before the vote) – and most of what they fire at Remainers are very akin to their own tactics and stances (ie: accusations of Project Fear). There is no time left to explain why you want to be in the EU or even defend it. We all know it is flawed – show me any system of governance that isn’t – but we like unity, we like commonality and we enjoyed the membership and its potential. And yes, we like foreigners.

Put simply, we just fucking hate Brexit.


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