It almost all started yesterday


Stressed Eric

For the stricken angry voter who occupies the Middle, it almost all started yesterday. Labour began one of its periodic spells of Labourcide while the Conservatives began one of its routine periods of ALL BEING UNIFIED despite everyone knowing they hate each other. They are truly the John and Mary of politics – murderous to each other but keen to present a front.


Labour by contrast are like my vague memory of an interview with Alexei Sayle talking about his early years as a Communist, where he said that they hated Thatcher and they hated the fascists, “…but most of all, we hated each other”.

George Osborne re-began his life as Chancellor by being STATESMANLIKE, a role for which he trained since the age of 11 and which he sometimes does convincingly, at least in his mind for a short while. He loves saying about the post-financial crash years that he “…fixed the roof…” even though money lost or wasted usually needs drains fixing.

One thing which definitely did not start, was the process of the leaving the EU. It can leave us all feeling a bit stressed.




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