For the Militant Middle, it all starts Monday

27th June

On Monday, everything has to start.

For “Remainers”, there is a danger of slipping into the sort of nostalgia that has blighted Britain since back then when everything that is ‘traditional’ began, whenever that was. The English have been too adept at looking backwards to traditional pub ‘fayre’, and traditional Christmas with a tree, introduced as a concept to our island by Prince Albert, a 100% German. When we won the war, when we had an empire, when we won the World Cup, it all has to go and Remainers, take note. Nostalgia will strangle you and hold you back, so no dreaming of the days when we just breezed over to Europe sans permit, and no pining for the 43 years up to Thursday June 23rd 2016. IT IS OVER.

  • If you are a Remainer, it’s time to start thinking forward properly. “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there” ( How will your internationalist, progressive views apply now to where you live?
  • June 27th is when the Tories should visibly start choosing a leader, and not shuffle about secretly until October.
  • Britain must start leaving now, because otherwise the EU will organise it for us and we’ll feel and probably be, kicked out.

It’s not an extreme position to take, but it is an angry one. It’s the Militant Middle.