The Militant Middle

Post-Brexit, you know you are in the Militant Middle when:


  • You hope that the Brexit dream of a Britain stuffed with dozens of generously overstaffed new hospitals comes true, but somehow you doubt it.
  • You know that if you deliberately ran over Nigel Farage, you’d still offer him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but only after you’ve munched some garlic.
  • You are sad that David Cameron is resigning because he supported your cause even though you never liked him or his mates, and you haven’t forgiven him for being a Bullingdon Boy.
  • You are glad David Cameron is resigning because… (see above after “…your cause even though…”).
  • You want Jeremy Corbyn to resign because of his flaccid efforts to support Remain, resulting in overwhelming support for Brexit by the ‘traditional’ Labour voters
  • You’d like to be a liberal but they appear to have vanished.

By the way I have just republished an item about UKIP that I wrote last year. The answer to the headline is “No”.

More from the Militant Middle soon. Please follow.


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